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2019 - 2024 Capitol Improvement Plan Scoring Matrix
Keweenaw County
Capital Improvement Program (CIP)
A meeting was held on March 6th for the Keweenaw County Department Heads along with two County Commissioners to talk about future projects ideas for the next three to 20 years. This meeting was held to include and begin the annual County Capital Improvement Program (CIP) process.
From that session, a matrix was created to use as a score sheet for the items. The matrix was presented to the Board of Commissioners at their meeting on Wednesday March 20th. The matrix will also be made public on the County website. The score sheet should be returned to the Courthouse by the 22nd of April.
The information will be tallied and presented to the Planning Commission at their April 30th Meeting. The Planning Commission will hold an open discussion during their meeting to take public comment.
Scoring Matrix Due April 22nd (PDF Format).




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