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Sherman Township News & Announcements
Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 2/13/19 minutes
Date: February 13, 2019

Attendees:  Rob Middlemis-Brown, Jackie Smith, Eric Smith, Mick Jarvi, JT Reno, Bob Pieti

Sewer Report - Bob Pieti

- all fine, no issues

Water Report - JT

- there is a lead/copper conference in May that will discuss new rules

- lead/copper now administrated from Lansing and not Marquette

- new well drilling now at 100' , couple more days of drilling.  Pipe already laid to water plant

- system usage now averaging 3000 gals/day

- need to get chlorine from Houghton

- have not received 2019 DEQ sample schedule yet

Discussion on plan requested from Rob:

15-year financial plan for the water supply system's user fee schedule over the next twelve years and past three years (2015-2030).  Outline when the rate increases happened, what the rate increases are funding, how those funds will accumulate and possibly be spent, and what the rate schedule will likely be over the 10-year life of the loan (2019-2028) as part of the increase "sunsets" once the loan if paid.

- include the $15 (9 well, 6 RRI) and recommendation for additional $6 increase

- sunset clause to remove second $6 raise when new well paid off, back down to $15?

- Eric to develop draft plan

Discussion on wages for Bob Pieti

- should be paid for training

Discussion on Water Plant Operator wages

- proposal to increase to $15/day from $12/day. Rob to propose to Township Board

Next meeting Wednesday March 20 6:00 pm


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