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Sherman Township News & Announcements
Water and Sewer Advisory Committee - 10/17/18 minutes
Date: October 17 2018  6:00 pm - 7:30 pm

Attendees:  Chuck Bennetts, Bob Peiti, Rob Middlemis-Brown, JT Reno, Eric Smith
Continued Discussion from last meeting on new lead/copper rules and old system.  Need to look at Sanborn/Gordie Schmidt diagrams/schematics of Gay/stamp mill to determine if any info
on mining company water system. Could also check Allouez TWP records to see if any Mohawk Mining Company records available.  Another possibility is to check if Siler has scrap sale records from selling old pipes/system.
Goal is to determine if there was any lead in old system, especially gooseneck joints from main to house laterals.

Chuck to check with Allouez TWP.

Water System Report

Sampling done for year, waiting on 2019 schedule from DEQ.

Going to test wells again for coliform, #2 tested positive again.   Could be contaminated sample bottles, new ones ordered. Also will check well cap for insects.

Update from Rob on new well - bottom line now 80k via negotiations between UPEA and Keranen. New well could go in this winter, paperwork package should be ready by early November. Package will need to be approved by
Township Board at November meeting.

Rob took static pressure readings of all hydrants, all at 60 psi indicating tight water system.

Sewer Report

Pump #1 still jammed, power is off. Bay Electric replacing impeller tomorrow.

Bob hand dug new drainage ditch.

Rob talked to Tony Burcar, Tony supposed to come back Monday to finish ditching and replace electric panel board.

Tony forget about check valve, Bob reminded him.   Tony is considering how to replace rotting wood on lift station cover.

According to Bay Electric, our system very similar to Copper City and Mountain Lodge.

Rob suggested we look into amending sewer ordinance to state that the Township is not responsible for sewer backflow into homes.

Discussion on Copper Harbor 1.8 million bond needed to replace lagoon - approx $550 cost per year/user over 30 years

Rob to order manhole removal cover tool

JT will turn off water to school October 19

Next meeting Wednesday November 21 6:00 pm.


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