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Keweenaw Mountain Lodge Sale Information List Price $1,500,000


List price: $1,500,000

The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge consists of a golf course, a lodge with bar and restaurant, a conference center, 24 cabins, a motel, and several storage buildings situated on approximately 178 acres in Keweenaw County, Michigan. This KML Boundary Survey shows the dimensions and configuration of the property.

Limited easements for the benefit of local hiking and biking trails have been recorded on the property, as shown on this Easement Survey. The easement survey only shows those trails which Keweenaw County is protecting for continued public use. Other trails exist on the property.

The listing agent for the property is SVN-Northco. Contacts at SVN/Northco are as follows:

Frank Jermusek
President / Managing Director
Direct: 952.820.1615
Cell: 612.385.5546
Office: 952-820-1600

Chris Kubesh
Phone: 952.820.1668
Cell: 612.242.6443

Offers to purchase will be required to acknowledge receipt of these Disclosures. The Keweenaw Mountain Lodge is being sold “as is” and subject to all matters of record. Buyers are encouraged to make independent title reviews and to obtain physical inspections of the property.

Realtors representing buyers should review this Addendum. Among other things, the Addendum describes the personal property being sold with the real estate; requires that purchase offers for less than full price must remain open for acceptance through the end of the initial six-month listing period; and provides that a sale must close after November 1, 2017 so that the County is able to keep the commitments it has made to existing customers.

This page is for informational purposes only and is not an offer to sell real estate nor a solicitation of offers to purchase real estate. Further inquiries about the property should be directed to the contacts shown above or to another licensed real estate professional.

For more information:

CLICK HERE for Boundary Survey

CLICK HERE for Easement Survey

CLICK HERE for Disclosures

CLICK HERE for Addendum





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